Black - Alain Vinet remix

Canadian allrounder, Dj & Producer ALAIN VINET enters the Royal Plastic Music Group with a proper Club Remix for Lorenzo al Dino’s „Black“.

Timeless, dark and with a powerful industrial flair we’re presenting you another dancefloor filler. An extra bonus for Djs comes with the DUB version.

Turn the Bass on please !



In 1978, At the age of 12, he first started DJ-ing regularly at the local roller disco and throughout his teens (80's), plays regular DJ gigs in nearby towns main discotheques.
In 1992 Alain is Hired by Metropolis in Montreal, then biggest nightclub in Canada. During his 3 years at Metropolis, Alain acquires experience in live show productions, and big DJ events productions.
After, Alain gets to DJ at all the best club venues and openings, including (((STEREO))) Montreal in 1998, when he contributed to its concept and design.  At (((STEREO))) Alain held a regular DJ residency from 1998 to 2003 called "Mouvement".
Alain joins the Cirque du Soleil Family after playing at the Cirque du Soleil world premiere galas. In 2005 Cirque du Soleil Musique releases "Mouvement", a compilation mixed by Alain Vinet. Following this release, he joins Cirque Du Soleil's music label and special events teams as Musical Director. In 2009 Alain co-produces his first Cirque du Soleil soundtrack, oVo. Following this he has co- produced soundtrack albums for Totem, Amaluna, Kurios, Joya, Toruk and Paramour Cast Album.