Ibiza Poets - Dance like Hemingway


Get ready for some rhythm and wild fun!  

Introducing IBIZA POETS, the DJ duo that is taking the music scene by storm. These electronic music wizards hide behind a veil of mystery, but their talent is undeniable. 
But here's the best part: along with creating music that will make you dance non-stop, IBIZA POETS are also dedicated to putting writers, authors, and poets in the spotlight. It's an irresistible combination of rhythm and lyrics!  
Inspired by the beauty of Ibiza, they have created a musical style that will transport you to white sandy beaches, dreamy sunsets, and unforgettable parties. It's a true sonic paradise! Their latest hit, "Dance like Hemingway," has captured the hearts of Ibiza and beyond. 
Are you ready to join this musical adventure? Get ready to enjoy a unique experience filled with rhythm and fun!