Lorenzo al Dino & Javi Viana - It izz what it izz

The palm trees along the way to Playa den Bossa stand in rows, softly swaying to the song 'it izz what it izz' by the two Ibiza legends Lorenzo al Dino & Javi Viana. 
These artists have been living and working on the island for decades, and have passed by these palm trees so many times. They know each other well, and who if not them, embody the sound that should be played on the beaches of Ibiza like no other. Gentle, elegant, and intoxicating, just like the palm trees of Ibiza. 

Lorenzo Al Dino's career is undeniably remarkable, spanning three internationally renowned record labels, thousands of DJ performances, four acclaimed albums as an artist, and the honor of receiving two prestigious music awards. His achievements include one platinum, one double platinum, and one gold award, along with securing a number one hit in the UK and producing over 400 records. Notably, he clinched the DJ European Championship in 1988. Can success be measured? Perhaps. Can Lorenzo's unique talent and impact be quantified? Absolutely not. 

On the flip side, we encounter Javi Viana, a DJ and producer who has delved into countless music styles, deconstructing and reimagining them in innovative ways. A self-taught talent, he has dedicated countless hours to exploring sound, technology, and execution, making him the perfect complement to the creative force that is Lorenzo al Dino. Together, they form a dynamic team, their synergy evident in their collaborative work.