Lorenzo al Dino presents Yes! the new project of Deep FM.

After time collaborating together, DJs and producers Lorenzo al Dino and David Crops come under the name of Deep FM to create this album project: Yes! A selection of 11 indie and crossover tracks including original songs and cover versions of '80s and '90s pop songs.

And why YES!? Deep FM is clear: Yes is a positive word. Yes makes you open yourself to feel. You say Yes when something is good. And that is YES! A inspired album, full of energy and good vibes, that envolves from the begining to the end. Made with the quality which characterize Deep FM, his mentor Lorenzo al Dino and his label Royal Plastic. Made with love for everyone who wants to enjoy it.

Lorenzo al Dino wanted during long time to put together on an album versions of '80s and '90s classics in Deep House and Electronic context, cover version of songs like Come as you are, Kiss, and With or Without You. To remake them with a good singer and good musicians, with no samples, everything made "in the house". And here we have the result. Al Dino explains that was very special for him to arrange how to work in a song people know, which is in the memories of everybody, which remind so many things to so many people. "We are very happy with the result" - says Deep FM - "and of course with the work of Cope", the artist who performs Come as you areKiss, and With or Without You. "His work is so good that it is almost impossible to recognize that it is the same person!".

And this is why it's necessary to highlight the incredible work of Cope. He has been fundamental to the album, as he provides the voice of the three cover versions that appear on the album. The album also includes the participation of Baghira, Joe, E-Mix and Ken-Ichi. They put the voice to the songs Creamy Days, What Deep Can Do, Yes (it's my club)Freedom and This Is Ibiza.

The track This is Ibiza, performed by the showman Ken-Ichi. was realeased as single in April 2013 and was included in the compilation Jockey Club Sessions 10, resulting a great success from audiences and critics around Europe. The song has also been remixed by Prompter, Alan Lockwood and Deep Josh.

Erotic clouds, La cadenza and Mr. Davis lost his trumpet are the instrumental tracks of the album. The colaboration with big artists continues in the song Mr. Davis lost his trumpet - a tribute to the great Miles Davis - which is played by Austrian trumpeter Franz Hackl, internationally known as FranzebubErotic clouds and La Cadenza are songs which remind Ibiza island - very present throughout the album -. Erotic clouds is "a chill house track to flow on the pool, to relax, to remember nice hollidays in Ibiza" says David Crops. And La Cadenza is "a tribute to the great Ibiza Cadenza Nights years ago in the island" - adds Lorenzo al Dino - "The magical nights of Ibiza which have made so many people enjoy".

Yes! goes on sale today in digital format and can be found in all sales platforms such as iTunes, Beatport or Google Play. Of course you can find it in our Online Store by clicking here (you can also buy the CD in physical form here ).

Special tip for DJs! The track Kiss is from now on digital available as single +  remixes by9 internationally reknowned producers: Deep-Josh, DEF Mike, Tony Loreto & Gray, Staffan Thorsell and Camilo Franco. Check it out here.

Deep FM is Lorenzo al Dino and David Crops
Album: Yes!
Digital realese: 22 Nov. 2013