Newcomer! Modeplex

releases today MODEPLEX's  E.P, including the songs nectar, sparkling and don't mind.

Growing up in the early techno and trance years, Dave, AKA Modeplex, started his musical journey from a young age, when he discovered a few old electro records belonging to a friend. Since that time his passion for music and collecting vinyl has grown stronger & stronger.

Over the years Modeplex has worked with many different musicians,This has helped to improve his musical knowledge and technical abilities .The ideas and influences from other genres has also helped him a lot to develop his own sound. Finally, his first release lights ep in 2013 helped to get his foot into the scene. 

Modeplex comes into Royal Plastic family with 3 tracks: Don't MindNectar and Sparkling, released by 
the sub-label . 

The E.P. is now available in major digital platforms such as iTunes or Beatport and of course in our online store.