Music with coffee flavor

Vienna Coffee Festival, 4 Days, over 12.000 people, 35 Hours in the mix, 12 Live sets with the band, what else we need? 

We needed to lower our levels of caffeine before writing this post. Otherwise it would not be possible!

The second edition of the Vienna Coffee Festival was a great success. Our head dj Lorenzo al Dino was on the set more than 30 hours. During these four days he was accompanied by a fantastic team of musicians. Percussion, saxophone, violin... Laurinho's Brazilian rhythms heated up the atmosphere. 

The festival was visited by over 12,000 people! Safety equipment and organization worked very hard. There were certain moments when we almost couldn't even move. Imagine all those people with an overdose of caffeine!

After four intense days putting music to the coffee experience (sound exotic, right?) All we can say is THANK YOU. Thanks to the team that made this possible. Thanks to the participants of the competitions. Your performances were sensational. And your coffee even more! Thanks to Laurinho, Linda and all the musicians who have passed through our stage during these four days. Thanks to all the people who came to greet us. Thanks to the festival staff and to the shop staff. A selection of our albums and compilations were sold in the Festival's official store and nearly we hang the "out of stock". 

You want to see some pictures? People was using the hashtag #viennacoffeefestivaon InstagramThis is what they saw: