Lorenzo al Dino ft Laura Lupino - We love this way

7th District featuring Laura Luppino - We Love This Way
1. Extended Mix
2. Andreas Fiorino Remix
The journey from the 7th district in Vienna into the big world of electrifying 4/4 bar as an established and highly respected force continues unstoppably. ‘We Love This Way‘ is a deep house pop song in style of the 80s-90s with a hint of Hamilton aesthetics.
Playful, innocent with space for much imagination. An ode to the young friendship, course and end uncertain. Significant to the here and now. A perfect balance between depth and lightness. “Two people start their day together and the moment could not be more beautiful. That's exactly what they love”, singer Laura Luppino says. “A beautiful dreaming and serenity, which is also reflected in the music."
Laura Luppino, Swisswoman with residence in Berlin, is well-known in Germany for her performance with Tim Bendzko in a TV show by the presenters named Joko and Klass. In 2016 she had first featurings with DJs such as Lyar, Melloton and Revelz, as well as her single ‘Sommerregen‘. “I like ‘We Love This Way‘ because it is not an ordinary song. He invites you to dream. For me, it was important that my voice sounds soft and warm without pressure."
The result  from the cooperation with 7th District is a damn fine pop song. It reflects the  7th District reorientation on the approach to music in the year 2017: deep house with a delicious pinch of the finest pop around.There is always music that gives room for dreams with the function to switch off from everyday life. This song is one of them. Calm down and get loose.