7th District feat Frankie - whoo

7th District featuring Frankie - Whoo
1. Extended Mix
2. Original Mix

The 7th District Crew have been known to release some absolute bangers, and this Whooo track is no different. 
The drums are gentle on the ear, but is backed by the bass to give a powerful aspect to it. If you listen closely, you’ll notice details that indicates a genius mind at work when creating this track. The vocals of Frankie are spirited and meld into the mix very nicely along with the catchy groove. 
Berlin based singer/songwriter Frankie first emerged as a signed artist on the label 3p to release her first album in 17 years. Amongst other things, she proved her talent with great performances for Pan Pot, Alexander Gallus or Beathoavenz to name a few. She is a unique performer with a definitely nonconforming gender identity and a striking stage act. Frankie quickly became one of the scenes most noted performers and is performing now worldwide.