7th District Wish you were here Sean Finn Remix

7th District - Wish You Were Here
1. Sean Finn Extended Remix
2. Sean Finn Remix

Lorenzo teams up with 7th District Inc and made it again! After his famous remakes of Wicked Game, Lullaby, With Or Without You, Sound Of Silence or Kiss to name a few, he is back with a strong interpretation of Wish You Were Here. He keep reworking the classics, creating new classics. Lorenzo, Resident DJ at the Tiburon Beach Club, started to perform live with loops, an percussionist, a guitar player and sampled live some parts of the original song of Pink Floyd. People went crazy and the idea to cover Wish You Were Here was born. Now after the winter time, all lines are freshly re-played by the 7th District Crew and Chester Travis with his fantastic voice gives this classic a new face for 2019. On the other hand Sean Finn delivers a dancefloor oriented version, more for the young crowd who do not know the original. A little cultural help to make it easier to get started in the history of music. With the pressure and the tools that make up his brand, he gives this project a new perspective. Nothing to complain, turn up the button and let the party begin!