Hypnotized - Deep FM 2020 remix

Lorenzo al Dino & Ola Egbowon - Hypnotized
1. Deep FM 2020 Extended Remix
2. Deep FM 2020 Remix

The original version came on the market in 2014 accompanied by a video that was noticed by a lot of people. No wonder that the original song has appeared on numerous compilations. Now, it was time again to give this beautiful song a proper remix. The right decision was quickly found: Deep FM. The Deep FM 2020 Remix is a beautifully crafted slice of true deep house. Clever use of the original version’s elements ensures the track continually evolves and builds whilst strong rhythmic elements, outstanding bass and keep the warm, spacious groove energized. Will remixes like this sound like be on the radio in 2020? Pump up the BASS!!!