Oli Freke - Tear it all down

OLI FREKE has long been involved in the dance music scene as a producer of house, techno and hard dance. He has run a record label and more recently had several tech-house tracks place in the Music Week UK charts. He is based in London, and is currently working on techhouse, deep-house and techno.
With TEAR IT ALL DOWN celebrates Oli his debut and introduces himself to the Royal Plastic Music Group Family.
Alongside electronic music, Oli has studied Brazilian drumming for over a decade, performing with Maracatu Estrela do Norte at the world famous Notting Hill Carnival and Glastonbury, giving him a deeper understanding of groove, dance and culture.
He has also composed music for UK Channel 5, seeing his idents run for over five years. He also enjoyed his time playing keyboards for Charlotte Hatherley (Ash), and has written articles for Sound on Sound and others.
Oli has had a lifelong passion for electronic music made with synthesizers, and as well as owning several fine instruments, he has made a series of posters celebrating the history of synths.
They feature 375 hand illustrated images of every synth made between 1963 and 1995. The images have been used as a backdrop for SynthFestUK
Look out for his live PA’s in 2020!