Purple Dub - Avanz!

Purple Dub - Avanz!
1. Extended Mix
2. Original Mix

Mihailo Smiljanic a.k.a. Purple Dub born in 1988. Belgrade, Serbia. Ambitions in the music started very early when he started playing flute and keyboard in elementary school. He started playing keyboards along with old drum machines and samplers, which his older friends were using in a local theater. Started learning and playing turntables in high school, so the passion for DJ-ing had begun. He has made appearances in almost 40 cities all over Europe. Deeply inspired by music, he started making beats and remixes. He released notable tracks for the label Maintain Replay with the name Don’t Give Tha. He’s currently working on new projects including one called Sex Tape Boyz doing remixes for hip hop chart-breakers in the USA.

Release date: 18.09.2020
Total discs: 1
Total play time: 7:24
Genre(s): Dance, Melodic House & Techno