Lorenzo al Dino ft Cope - Lullaby (Original Remastered)


Lorenzo al Dino featuring Cope - Lullaby
1. Original Mix Remastered
2. Original Extended Mix Remastered

The Royal Plastic Music Group starts the year 2021 with a great special. We present the re-worked, re-mastered and re-mixed versions of our top notch track Lullaby from Lorenzo al Dino featuring Cope. More than 10 years ago this cover version of Lullaby was released. With resounding success and a personal message from Robert Smith, who said in the past: "This is the best interpretation of my song I have ever heard." A decade later, Lullaby has not lost a trace of activity, even more - it bangs just like it did back then. The small difference, however, is that it has been remastered and updated for 2021. And with the remixes, as they say, the dot was placed on the i. A real highlight will take place right at the beginning of the new year. With that in mind, it's now up to you to make this track great again.