Deep FM - Summer of 1999

We are so excited to present the new Deep FM's EP "Summer of 1999"! A 3 track e.p. dedicated to the summer of 1999.
SUNSET was created during a live session on the beach in Ibiza, the vibes and people's feedback was the key to recording this track live and on the spot.
MANY NIGHTS, on the other hand, was produced for the friends of Latin music to honor their attitude to life, freedom and inspiration. 7pm, with its driving bass and slightly jazzy touch, was the right way for Deep FM to end a long DJ session in the club.

Available now on all digital platforms. Check here:

Do you remember the summer of 1999?

The earthquakes in Turkey, Athens and Taiwan shook the earth almost consecutively and made us think that the world was ending. 
Lance Armstrong won the first of the seven Tour de France from which he was later dispossessed for doping.
MTV shot some videos in Ibiza throughout the summer under the name "MTV Ibiza 99". The videos were broadcast across Europe on his channel while Fatboy Slim's "Right here, right now" was playing. 
Our boss Lorenzo Al Dino published under 7th District the legendary Burnin' and made us believe that a better world was possible.