7th District feat. Cope - Kiss (Lorenzo al Dino & Javi Viana Remix)


It's been 10 years since 7th District released this cover version of Kiss. This with great success, various chart successes in the UK and worldwide awards prove that.

7th District are well known and have also produced and remixed Kylie Minogue, Tine Turner, Tom Jones and numerous other stars. The list is very long....So it was time again to create a new remix, adapted to the trend of the current music scene.

They chose Lorenzo al Dino & Javi Viana. A duo living and working in Ibiza. Known and loved as Dj’s, Producers and Radio Dj’s on the island.
The new implementation is impressive. Powerful but not exaggerated, underground but still with a touch of crossover. Not succumbing to the commercial "must have", but independent and creative. You decide, top or flop!

Listen and download here