St. Ego - Sensual

We are pleased to welcome St. Ego with his latest track 'Sensual' on our label. This gem impresses with its sensitive organic sound selection and evokes summary feelings while exuding a subtle elegance with a restrained aesthetic. An understatement in terms of deep house.
St.Ego is an up-and-coming electronic dance music producer who has made a name for himself in the organic house music scene. Over the course of a year, he has released close to 100 tracks on renowned labels such as Sound Avenue, The Purr, Stellar Fountain, and Bekool Records, showcasing his unique style that combines melodic rhythms.
Born and raised in St. Petersburg, St.Ego has experimented with various genres but found his calling in the organic house scene, where he produces music that focuses on complex melodies, deep bass lines, and organic sounds.
His goal is to create emotionally engaging music that takes the listener on a sonic journey. With his growing popularity and impressive discography, St.Ego intends to revolutionize organic house music and push the boundaries of electronic dance music.