7th District - Heart of Glass (Giles et Diego Remix)

Giles et Diego, a dynamic French duo, share an unwavering passion for the world of House music. Their journey began when their paths serendipitously crossed at a beach party, where Diego held the coveted title of resident Du. This chance encounter Ignited a creative spark that would soon lead to a remarkable partnership. Giles, the consummate producer geek, has always been entranced by the diverse facets of electronic music. In contrast, Diego is a seasoned House DJ hailing from the vibrant city of Toulouse in the south of France. In the year 2023 the two talents joined forces to explore the multifaceted landscape of House rhythms, marking the birth of Giles et Diego. Their debut EP, House Family, released under the prestigious banner of Shamanistik Records, is a sonic journey that introduces four distinct tracks, each personified as a character. Lola, Pablo, Julia, and Lea. Each composition embodies a unique vibe, transcending traditional house music and venturing into the realms of deep house and tech house genres In a heartwarming and philanthropic endeavor, Giles et Diego collaborated with a school in Uganda on a special organic house project titled Dance Be Happy in partnership with CAN Music. All proceeds from this endeavor are dedicated to the education and support of the talented dancing children showcased in the project.