7th District - Popcorn

Following the success of 7th District's previous release of Blondie's Heart of Glass, we are thrilled to introduce their latest cover version of Popcorn. This captivating track was produced again by 7th District, who have already demonstrated their knack for the perfect reinterpretation of classics. They have worked diligently to steer the sound of this song towards a beach-inspired direction, capturing the sunny vibes of Ibiza. It comes as no surprise that this track has already been played by some resident DJs in Ibiza. The blend of familiar melodies and modern beats makes our version of Popcorn an absolute dance floor filler. Why reinterpret Popcorn? 7th District says: Popcorn is a timeless classic that has captured the hearts of many music lovers. We chose to reinterpret this song to give it a fresh, contemporary sound while preserving the nostalgia and charm of the original. The result is an ode to the past with a touch of the present and future. We warmly invite you to listen to our cover version of Popcorn and be swept away by the infectious beats and familiar melodies. Whether on the beach, the dance floor, or at a relaxed pool party, this track sets the perfect mood.